Supported Import Formats

CSV Formats

Raccoin can import CSV files exported from the following sources:

Is your wallet or exchange missing? Feel free to open an issue describing the contents of that file and its origins. It is usually very easy to add support for additional formats!


Raccoin can also synchronize wallets from certain blockchains directly. Supported are:

Currently, adding these wallets requires manually editing the portfolio JSON file since the UI for adding them still needs to be written. An example snippet for adding an Ethereum wallet would be:

"sources": [
    "source_type": "EthereumAddress",
    "path": "0xf87eC316C04bf44D87200AdCa0c9b4d6ecBd91D4",
    "enabled": true,

After making the edit, you’ll have to restart Raccoin since it won’t auto-reload the portfolio. Then, on the Wallets page, click the “Sync” button to fetch the transations. They will be stored inside the portfolio JSON file.

Supported source types:

  • BitcoinAddresses: Plain Bitcoin addresses (separated by space)
  • BitcoinXpubs: HD wallet x/y/zpub addresses (separated by space)
  • EthereumAddress: A single Ethereum address
  • StellarAccount: A single Stellar account

JSON Format

There is currently no way to import transactions exported to JSON from the UI, but you can add them by manually adding a snippet to the portfolio JSON file, similar to above:

"sources": [
    "source_type": "Json",
    "path": "relative/path/to/transactions.json",
    "enabled": true,

Raccoin also supports the JSON format which can be exported from Trezor Suite. In this case, set source_type to TrezorJson.

Supported Export Formats

To export transactions, click either the “Export (JSON)” or “Export (CSV)” button on the Transactions page. This will currently export all transactions from enabled wallets / sources, regardless of any active filter.

Export as JSON

The JSON format is a custom format used by Raccoin, which can also serve as an input format (see above).

Export as CSV

Currently when exporting transactions as CSV, they are exported in the custom CSV import format used by CryptoTaxCalculator.

Feel free to open an issue when you have the need to export to any other format!