Raccoin – Crypto Tax Tool

Raccoin makes it easy to see the current state and the history of your crypto portfolio and to generate relevant reports for declaring capital gain income tax. It currently works in Euro using the FIFO method, but since it is open source anyone can extend it to suit their needs.

Welcome screen The wallets page shows the transaction sources The transactions page provides a detailed view of events Reports can be exported as CSV files


For those with Rust installed, you can also run cargo install raccoin to install the latest release from source.

You can help test development builds by downloading a development snapshot.


  • Raccoin 0.2 – Tax Reporting That Works for Me

    Two weeks ago I’ve finally sent in my tax documents, giving the tax authorities their requested overview of 10 years of mostly misguided crypto trading history. In the two months since the initial release of Raccoin I’ve made many necessary improvements and fixes. Today I’m sharing these improvements with you!

  • Raccoin 0.1 – Yet Another Crypto Tax Tool

    After two months of frantic development, I hereby present the initial version of a new tool for calculating the capital gains made on crypto trades. Driven by personal need, I had to take a detour from my usual projects…

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